WestchesterTalkRadio helps capture YOUR VOICE with our Virtual Video-Cast. We can help set up a professional virtual interview style video that can be used to build up a Business Series, Pre-Promote your next Virtual Event, or use as content needed throughout the year.

This Virtual Video also has an audio only component as a podcast and helps give your business fantastic customized content for posting on social media, and a professionally produced podcast that your business can easily share! We help give YOU a voice, customized, produced and easily shared. Ask us how we can create a library of Podcasts for YOUR Business!

meet the team

Andrew R. Castellano Founder & CEO
Director of Sales
Bob marrone Talk Show Host
Lisa wexler Afternoon Host
Jim Feldman Production Manager
VO Artist
Fran capo On Air Host
World’s Fastest Female Talker
Chris deangelo Sports Talk Host
Mike Blakey Video-Cast, Podcast Editor, Producer.
Laura Smith On Air Host
John Marino On Air Host
Joe Archino "This is Why We Stand" Show Host