White Plains Hospital Health Talk Production

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  • Upcoming Dates:
    • Wednesday, October 14th, 2020
  • Time: 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Welcome to healthTALK, White Plains Hospital’s new podcast program.

In partnership with WestchesterTalkRadio, White Plains Hospital launched a new podcast programming series called healthTALK. Recorded in our satellite studio in the Hospital and at offsite events, the podcasts feature our healthcare experts discussing current trends and ‘news you can use.’

Find our recent podcasts below and tune in every day to WestchesterTalkRadio at 3P to hear the White Plains Hospital healthTALK hour. 

Have an idea or interested in hearing about a particular topic? E-mail us at WPHCMail@wphospital.org.

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  • White Plains Hospital

    How to Start an Exercise Plan and Stick to It

    WPH Wellness Coach Catalina Cavotta shares tips on how to make exercise fit your lifestyle so you stick to it and stay fit.

  • White Plains Hospital

    Coping with Holiday Depression

    Dr. Steven Shainmark, Director of Psychiatry at White Plains Hospital, shares his advice for preventing and dealing with increased stress and anxiety over the holidays.

  • White Plains Hospital

    Stillbirth: A Grieving Mother’s Journey

    Samantha Banerjee of the New York Metro Chapter of the Star Legacy Foundation shares her personal story of stillbirth, as well as efforts around research, education, and prevention.

  • White Plains Hospital

    Stopping Pancreatic Cancer in Its Tracks

    Dr. Joshua Raff, Director of the Digestive Cancer Program at WPH, invites the public to take part in a screening program to identify pancreatic cancer risk in families.

  • White Plains Hospital

    How Innovation Is Changing the Way You Visit Your Doctor

    Jonathan Bandel, Assistant Vice President of Strategic Service Lines, explains how technology is helping to streamline healthcare for a better patient experience.

  • White Plains Hospital

    Urgent Health Facts on Teen Vaping

    Pediatrician Dr. Mason Gomberg highlights the dangers of e-cigarette use by teens, and offers tips to parents for talking about substance abuse with their own children.

  • White Plains Hospital

    Is Medical Marijuana or CBD Right for Me?

    Internist Dr. Jason Holdych explains the difference between therapeutic marijuana and OTC cannabidiol (CBD) for the treatment of pain and other chronic conditions.

  • White Plains Hospital

    How Pastoral Care Can Help Patients Heal

    Rabbi Fredda Cohen, Director, Department of Pastoral Care and Education at WPH, talks about the role of faith in healthcare.

  • White Plains Hospital

    Advanced Treatment for Sinus Problems

    Otolaryngologist Dr. Ameet Kamat explains the symptoms of recurrent sinus infections and when to seek the help of a specialist for medical therapy or surgery.

  • White Plains Hospital

    Tips for Sleeping Soundly

    Dr. Fulvia Milite, Director of the Sleep Center, discusses the latest thinking on better sleep, from natural methods to advanced diagnostic services and treatments.

  • White Plains Hospital

    Treating Head & Neck Tumors

    Head and neck surgeon Dr. Jk Rasamny tells what to expect if you are diagnosed with a lump in your neck, and explains the use of advanced TORS surgery for precision treatment.

  • White Plains Hospital

    Caring for Dementia Caregivers

    Laura Himmelstein, Clinical Social Worker, talks about the benefits of WPH’s Caregiver Support Group, open to all people who care for loved ones or friends.